Backplanes & Electro-Mechanical Services Backplane Fabrication Backplane Assembly

We offer a wide range of capabilities, including both leaded and lead-free processes, to assemble components onto a printed circuit backplane board. Components include active and passive devices, thru-hole (soldered) components, press fit (compliant) components, and a variety of mounting hardware. Full test and AOI capabilities insure the highest quality delivered products
Electro-Mechanical Services

We offer the most complete vertically integrated Electro-Mechanical Solutions for our customers. These capabilities begin with design and prototyping services within the production operations that smoothly transition to full electro-mechanical system manufacturing. Our vertical capabilities also include sheet metal fabrication, backplane assembly, system integration, cable assembly, bus bar manufacture, full systems test and logistics for a complete solution supporting sub-system and full system integration requirements. In addition, our solutions are enhanced through global supply chain and support services that are focused on optimizing flexibility and cost across our operations.